Recreational baseball for children league age 4-18 serving families of Mission Viejo California. Character. Courage. Loyalty. Let's Play Ball!


To review the game schedule and signup for a specific game, please visit:


For new users, create a new account, hit “send request,” then you will receive an automated email in return with your username. 

For returning users, update your account with your new team name:

Fill in your team name. Please follow this format:


Then sign up to umpire games based on your comfort level. If you’ve never umpired before, start with Single A. Returning umpires should do AA and AAA. You shouldn't umpire games in your own division, but reach out to John Papa directly if you want to discuss any of this further. 


Team Umpire Requirements

Each team has a certain volunteer requirement on # of umpire points they need to hit. Each game is worth 3 to 5+ points depending on the level. 

Tball/Coach Pitch - 12 points
Single A - 25 points
AA, AAA, and Majors - 50 points
Juniors - 25 points