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Thanks for your interest in joining South Mission Viejo Little League. This is your one page resource for frequent questions that you may have about SMVLL


Since 1968 South Mission Viejo Little League has been committed to teaching youth in our community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority.  We are committed to providing a positive influence in the lives of our players and their families by promoting fair play, confidence, a diligent work ethic, camaraderie and a lasting respect for the game of baseball. We also strive to create a positive culture in which coaches, parents, fans, officials and athletes work together to achieve this mission. Our overall goal is to provide a Better Baseball experience for all families.  

Q:  How do I know SMVLL is my league? 
Q:  How much are registration fees for the 2020 Spring Season?
Q:  What is covered by my registration fees? 
Q:  What level/division should my child play?
Q:  What are the Volunteer expectations/needs for Parents?
Q:  What are the Fundraising programs at SMVLL?
Q:  Are there opportunities to Manage/Coach?  
Q:  Is there a map of the Youth Athletic Park ("YAP") Fields?


Q:  How do I know SMVLL is my league? 

Our league is open to any child between the ages of 4-18.  Each Little League creates a boundary map of the area that it services.  A link to South Mission Viejo Little League’s boundary map is below.   League eligibility is determined in two ways:

1.  Home residenceIf you live within the area of this map, SMVLL is your league. 

2.  School EnrollmentIf you do not live within the area of this boundary map, but your player’s school is located within this area, you are elgible for SMVLL using a "School Enrollment Form", which verifies from the school that your Player attends an SMVLL-located school.  Should you have any questsions, please contact our Player Agent (in League Contacts) to review the options available for play in SMVLL. 



Q:  How much are registration fees for the 2020 Spring Season?

Division                       Spring 2020 Registration Fees

T-Ball                           $190
Coach Pitch                  $190
A                                   $220
AA                                $220
AAA                             $240
Majors                          $240
Juniors                          $240

Registration fees may be paid after submitting registration form onlne.  Look for cut-off dates posted online. 

Q:  What is covered by my registration fees? 

Your fees cover your player’s uniform (jersey, pants, socks, belt and cap), his field time for practices and games, coaches and umpires.  Your player is responsible for bringing his personal baseball equipment (bat, batting helmet and fielding glove).  We also suggest that your player always have plenty of water and sunscreen.  A baseball backpack or gear bag is recommended to carry equipment and extras to and from the fields.

Q:  What level/division should my child play?

Before you select a level, please determine the league age of your child, then review the descriptions shown below.  Little League International has created an age chart and calculator to help you determine. 

League Age

"League Age" is used to determine the division(s) in which a player is eligible to participate. This ensures that players of similar ages, skills and experience are playing at the same levels, making the game safer and more fun while maintaining a certain level of competition.

Baseball and Softball divisions utilize different age calendars for their respective sports. Please refer to the charts, below, to help determine a player's league age for the 2020 spring season. You may also use the Little League International Age Calculator.


League Age Chart

The Age Determination Date for a Little League Baseball player is the actual age of a child as of August 31 of the current year. The Age Determination Date for a Little League Softball player is the actual age of a child as of January 1 of the current year. These respective dates identify the “league age” as it relates to a player’s eligibility to participate in any of Little League’s divisions of play.























Link to League Age Calculator

Link to open a PDF of Little League Age Chart

Link to baseball divisions and descriptions

Q:  What are the Volunteer expectations/needs for Parents?

All of us here at South Mission Viejo Little League are Volunteers for the entire community....from parents on the bleachers at practice, to Managers and Coaches on the field, to the Snack Bar, Board Members, etc.  All.....VOLUNTEERS for the fabulous kids that we are here to support, grow and develop.  Whatever talents or skills you have, we can use them!  As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to spend quality time with your child in a safe, fun-filled environment. The benefits of volunteering in youth sport are endless. SMVLL provides all of the support and instruction you need to get started.  We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all of our volunteers.  We recognize that our volunteers are the backbone of our league. 


Here at SMVLL we are proud to have implemented the requirement that all Volunteers 18+ be processed through LiveScan, a fingerprint-based security check conducted through the Department of Justice.  More information on LiveScan within our SMVLL community can be found by clicking here.

Similar to other sports, we need a village of Volunteers to pull off an entire season.  Each team has:

1 Manager
2 Assistant Coaches
A few extra "helpers at practice" parents
Scorekeepers (Single A and above)
Pitch Count (Single A and above)
Team Parent
Team UIC ("Umpire In Charge"...helps monitor the team's Umpire point requirements)

Additionally, each team is assigned approximately 4-5 shifts at our "Snack Shack" on Game Days.  Each shift needs 3 volunteers; 2 inside the Snack Shack and 1 working the BBQ.  So for 4-5 shifts needing 3 volunteers it equals 12-15 spots for adults to volunteer - which, when shared between a typical team size of 12 Players is very manageable if everyone chips in.  SMVLL provides opportunities for parents to "hire out" the shifts utilizing our "Approved Snack Shack Worker List" that is provided at the beginning of each season.  More information regarding Snack Shack volunteering will be given through your Team Parent.

If you are interested in volunteering please complete the volunteer form while registering your child. (see “League Documents” on the homepage).  Complete and submit the volunteer form if interested. 


Click here for Parents Little League Organization Resource Page

Q:  What are the Fundraising programs at SMVLL?

Although we do our best to limit the fundraising at South, it does cost a lot of money to run a league for hundreds of Players, and registration fees fall VERY short of covering the cost.  More information will be provided at the start of the season by your Team Parent, but our typical fundraising plan for each Spring season is:

  • Each team is required to provide one Team Sponsor
  • At the Opening Ceremonies we have a "Golf Ball Drop" program where we ask that each Player sells a minimum of 7 golf balls at a cost of $10 each
  • Our "Snack Shack" is not only a great way to feed the family lunch or dinner on a Game is also an ongoing fundraiser for the League.  Each team is assigned 4-5 shifts where the Team provides the workers.

Q:  Are there opportunities to Manage/Coach?  

Absolutely.  Please contact our for more information


Q:  Is there a map of the Youth Athletic Park ("YAP") Fields?

Olympiad Road is on the left

Field Map