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Opening Day!  Saturday February 22nd

2:00 pm - Activities open!  Bouncers, cotton candy, face painting and sponsor booths 

2:30-2:40 - Teams line-up for parade & ceremonies

3:00 - Parade & opening day ceremonies

4:00 - Golf Ball Drop

4:00 - 5:00 - Activities 



New to youth baseball entirely?    Or maybe you have a Player already at South and you are considering having their younger brother or sister join us as well?  Sweet!

Let's first start off by by verifying to make sure that South is the right league for you.   CLICK HERE to check your home address to verify your League eligibility.  Please note that another method of eligibility is based on the elementary school that your Player will attend.  So even if you LIVE outside of our boundaries, but will attend one of the following elementary schools (De Portola, Montevideo, Castille, Cordillera - or ANY private school that is within our league boundaries) you are welcome to join us at South.

OK, so now that you know South is your home, you can either jump straight to the orange "REGISTER NOW" button along the top right, or you can read below to a little more information regarding what to expect with Tball and Coach Pitch:

What division goes with what age(s):

Let me start off by explaining the oddly-complicated concept of "League Age".  League Age means "the age your Player will be by August 31, 2020." So even if your son/daughter is 5 for the ENTIRE baseball season and most of summer vacation but turns 6 on August 20th.....he/she is League Age 6.  

NOW, with that established

  • Tball - appropriate for League Age 4 and 5
  • Coach Pitch - appropriate for League Age 5 - 7

Yes, there's a crossover in age for Tball and Coach Pitch.  It's there so that you, as the Parent, can make the judgement call on what is the best fit for your child.

What is the timeline of the season:

Here's a brief rundown of what to expect.

  • Jan 20th - everyone should have heard from their Team Manager notifying them of team placement
  • Jan 31st - practices can begin (Tball and Coach Pitch practices are held at the YAP fields across from the MV Lake entrance, as well as at Eastbrooke Park in MV).  You can expect approximately 2 practices a week leading up to games.
  • Feb 13th - Game schedule for the entire season is released.  There will be one weekday game (either on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) and one Saturday game, all season long.  We DO take the week of Spring Break off, however.  Games go, at these division levels, typically until the middle of May.
  • Feb 22nd - Opening Ceremonies and games begin.  ALL games are held at the YAP fields.....NO travelling around MV or other cities looking for your field!
  • May 29th - Closing Ceremonies

There's a whole lot of other stuff that goes into the season as well, but this gives you a decent jumping off point so that you know what to anticipate.  Please feel free to email Amy Mitton at should you have additional questions!


 South Mission Viejo Little League

Since 1968 South Mission Viejo Little League has been committed to teaching youth in our community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority.  We are committed to providing a positive influence in the lives of our players and their families by promoting fair play, confidence, a diligent work ethic, camaraderie and a lasting respect for the game of baseball. We also strive to create a positive culture in which coaches, parents, fans, officials and athletes work together to achieve this mission. Our overall goal is to provide a Better Baseball experience for all families.  

If you have questions about our league please visit our New to SMVLL/FAQ's page

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YAP Field Status
SMVLL Batting Cages - Mission Viejo OPEN (2/19) 
YAP 1 Majors - Mission Viejo OPEN (2/19) 
YAP 2 AAA - Mission Viejo OPEN (2/19) 
YAP 3 AA - Mission Viejo OPEN (2/19) 
YAP 4 Juniors - Mission Viejo TBD (2/19) 
YAP 5 North Juniors - Mission Viejo TBD (2/19) 
YAP 7 (North AAA) - Mission Viejo TBD (2/19) 
YAP 8 (North Majors) - Mission Viejo TBD (2/19) 
YAP North A - Mission Viejo TBD (2/19) 
YAP North AA - Mission Viejo TBD (2/19) 
YAP North T-ball/CP - Mission Viejo TBD (2/19) 
YAP South A/CP - Mission Viejo OPEN (2/19) 
YAP South Tee-Ball - Mission Viejo OPEN (2/19) 
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