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We are so excited to announce that registration for the 2021 spring season of SMVLL baseball is OPEN!  Register now to take advantage of Early-Bird discounts while they last (Early Bird discount closes on October 25th).

SMVLL is planning on a full regular season of Little League baseball for 2021. Although some things may look a little different, we fully expect to play baseball as normal and we are excited to see all our kids back on the field. 

The league is aware that playing games can only be accomplished, if allowed by our local and State officials. We are moving forward with the assumption that it will happen. We understand some may have concerns with our current refund policy in place. Due to COVID-19, specific dates for game play aren’t provided at this time. To make our refund policy more beneficial to our members, we are suspending our current refund policy, as set forth in Section 7.1 of our local rules, until we have a more specific timeline. This will give us more flexibility to assess the situation as we obtain information and removes date restrictions governing the timing of refunds. We will send out updates, prior to tryouts scheduled for January. If you have any questions or concerns about the registration process, please contact us at

Thank you!

Please click the "Register Now" button to the right of this article or just click below.

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South Mission Viejo Little League

Since 1968 South Mission Viejo Little League has been committed to teaching youth in our community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority.  We are committed to providing a positive influence in the lives of our players and their families by promoting fair play, confidence, a diligent work ethic, camaraderie and a lasting respect for the game of baseball. We also strive to create a positive culture in which coaches, parents, fans, officials and athletes work together to achieve this mission. Our overall goal is to provide a Better Baseball experience for all families.  

If you have questions about our league please visit our New to SMVLL/FAQ's page

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YAP Field Status
North AAA TBD (10/24) 
North Tball/CP TBD (10/24) 
SMVLL Batting Cages - Mission Viejo TBD (10/24) 
YAP 1 AAA TBD (10/24) 
YAP 1 Majors - Mission Viejo TBD (10/24) 
YAP 2 AAA - Mission Viejo TBD (10/24) 
YAP 3 AA - Mission Viejo TBD (10/24) 
YAP 4 Juniors - Mission Viejo TBD (10/24) 
YAP 5 North Juniors - Mission Viejo TBD (10/24) 
YAP 7 (North AAA) - Mission Viejo TBD (10/24) 
YAP 8 (North Majors) - Mission Viejo TBD (10/24) 
YAP North A - Mission Viejo TBD (10/24) 
YAP North AA - Mission Viejo TBD (10/24) 
YAP North T-ball/CP - Mission Viejo TBD (10/24) 
YAP South A/CP - Mission Viejo TBD (10/24) 
YAP South Tee-Ball - Mission Viejo TBD (10/24) 
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