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Please see the information below for tryouts. If your child will participate in coach pitch or teeball a separate email will be sent out to schedule a time for uniform sizing. If you have any questions at all please email
************COVID-19 Update**************

SMVLL Spring Update:


Hello South Mission Viejo Little League Families,


This past Monday, December 14th the State of California Department of Public Health issued an update on the outdoor and indoor youth recreational and adult sports. This is great news! We now have a guideline as to when we will be able to play competitive baseball. Under the new guidance, youth sports have been categorized into risk profiles based on two criteria: indoor vs outdoor sports and the level of contact (low contact, medium contact and high contact.)

Please take a look at the announcement that can be found here.


To summarize the guidelines:


-Games may return as early as 1/25/21 (State will reassess on 1/4/21)

-When our County is in the “red tier” baseball games can be played

-With our current “stay at home” order and “purple tier” we are able to condition and practice


With this news, we are continuing to move forward as planned. The manager committees have been conducting zoom manager interviews this entire week with more continuing this coming week. Our next steps as a league, are listed below with dates. Our player agent is preparing the groupings for A-Majors player try-outs. If you haven’t had the opportunity to register as of yet, please click here so we can include your child.


-Saturday, January 9               Dust of your glove (more information to come soon)

-Saturday, January 16 & 17    Try-outs A, AA, AAA, Majors & Juniors (Tee ball & CP no try out)

-Wednesday, January 20        Make up tryouts

-Fri & Sat, January 22 & 23     Player drafts A-Majors & Team Formulation TB & CP

Monday, February 1               Practices begin 



I am glad to see that we have been provided an outline of what is needed to play baseball games. I know the current situation we are in during this current time isn’t ideal, but I am grateful that we can give the kids the outlet of sport here within the next two months. 


We look forward to seeing you all soon!


Nic Hernandez

SMVLL President

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YAP Field Status
North AAA TBD (1/25) 
North Tball/CP TBD (1/25) 
SMVLL Batting Cages - Mission Viejo TBD (1/25) 
YAP 1 AAA TBD (1/25) 
YAP 1 Majors - Mission Viejo TBD (1/25) 
YAP 2 AAA - Mission Viejo TBD (1/25) 
YAP 3 AA - Mission Viejo TBD (1/25) 
YAP 4 Juniors - Mission Viejo TBD (1/25) 
YAP 5 North Juniors - Mission Viejo TBD (1/25) 
YAP 7 (North AAA) - Mission Viejo TBD (1/25) 
YAP 8 (North Majors) - Mission Viejo TBD (1/25) 
YAP North A - Mission Viejo TBD (1/25) 
YAP North AA - Mission Viejo TBD (1/25) 
YAP North T-ball/CP - Mission Viejo TBD (1/25) 
YAP South A/CP - Mission Viejo TBD (1/25) 
YAP South Tee-Ball - Mission Viejo TBD (1/25) 
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